Get More Business When You Sponsor Sham

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Product Mentions

What’s Cookin With Sham is a top YouTube Cooking Channel known for it’s unique comedy format and celebrity guests.

In a short period of time it has developed a loyal following with most episodes reaching over 10,000 high retention views (watched all the way through) within days of their release.

As the show has grown in popularity, we have received a number of requests for how to become a sponsor or how to simply contribute to the cost of producing the show.


For those simply wanting to donate toward production costs, this can be done through our Patreon account.  Simply click the link to become a Patreon of Sham where you can pledge small monthly donations.


Sham is uniquely positioned to get your products in front of viewers who will purchase them.  Examples of how you can increase your sales by sponsoring Sham include:

Product mentions within our episodes.

sponsor opportunitiesWe will use your cookware, kitchen appliance, sauce, condiment or other food in the recipes you cook, clearly stating your brand and how to acquire it.  Other products that fit well within our cooking show are wigs, jewelry and other fashion accessories Sham typically wears.

In video product mentions have the added advantage over other forms of sponsorship in that they never go away.  Once in the video they are there indefinitely.  We can also in certain cases arrange to have links to your product or text about it within the copy related to the episode on our website and within the recipes on the recipe page.

Pre-roll advertisements:

Pre-roll ads are 5 to 15 second video ads that play within our video prior to the episode beginning.  Unlike YouTube ads, they are not “dismissible.”  Our viewers will have to watch your entire message prior to seeing the episode.  As with our product mentions, these ads remain with the episode indefinitely making them one of the best advertising values that can be obtained.

Mid-roll advertisements:

Mid-roll ads are just like our pre-roll ads except that they begin near the middle of the episode  As with Pre-Roll Ads, they are not “dismissible”  and remain with the episode indefinitely.


Episode filmed at Hood Bar to advertise the bar.

Film at Your Location:

If your business is appropriate, we can film an episode or episodes of Sham such as we did with this episode we taped at The Hood Bar & Pizza in Palm Springs.  Again, this has all of the advantages of the pre and mid-roll ads.  Our viewers will see your venue, branding and products indefinitely.

Banner Ads:

Banner ads are available in a number of areas on our website.  These can be banners, skyscrapers or square sized ads.  They are available on a month to month basis, with a three month minimum required.

Ad Design:

Video pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads and all banner ads must be of a professional quality.  Contact us for the specifications.  We are also available to tape, photograph or design your ads.

Contact us to see how you can grow your business with What’s Cookin’ With Sham.