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Janice Dickinson Joins Sham Ibrahim on Episode Airing Tue Oct 31st

Sham Ibrahim & Janice Dickinson

BTS with cast of What’s Cookin’ With Sham. Left to right: Alby Carreno; makeup, Janice Dickinson; Tara Ziemba, Getty Images; Sham Ibrahim

Join us Tuesday Oct 31st when the original supermodel and reality TV star Janice Dickinson guest stars on What’s Cookin’ With Sham to teach us how to make her killer pasta dish.

Filmed on location in Janice’s kitchen.  Don’t miss this special episode as we learn that even supermodels and celebrities can whip out a mean dish in the kitchen!

Photo BTS of part of the cast and crew featuring Alby Carreno hair and makeup, Janice Dickinson (and yes she knows how to work that camera, she is also a photographer), Tara Ziemba out from Getty Images to photograph the episode BTS for media, and lil ol me, Sham Ibrahim. Photo by Mark Stout, producer.

Note: Janice is also and author and the subject of several books including:

No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel

Everything About Me Is Fake– And I’m Perfect

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency – Season 1

Check, Please!: Dating, Mating, and Extricating

Don’t Miss The Tang Cake Recipe Disaster


what's cookin with sham

It was doomed from the start!  Maybe that is why Sham Ibrahim’s sister Maha wished him “good luck” just before he started cooking this recipe.

Assisted by fashion model Diana Cole and Daphne the Drag Queen, the trio turns this otherwise delicious cake recipe into more of something the astronauts rode to the moon than something you would eat.

Enjoy the laughs as you watch them turn this cake into something quite different than a cake!  Right here this Tuesday, October 24th.

Make The Hood’s Signature Rum Cooler



Be sure to join us tomorrow October 10th for a trip into the Palm Springs nightlife when your favorite drag queen Sham Ibrahim joins The Hood Bar & Pizza’s owner, Brad Guth and the fabulous bartender Casey to learn how to make the Hood’s very own signature rum Cooler.  right here on


Sham Ibrahim Gets Heather Chadwell A Bit Tipsy


what's cookin' with sham

Join us tomorrow when Sham Ibrahim gives Heather Chadwell, from Rock of Love, a bit to drink… while she is driving!

Be sure to watch How to Cook Up a Party tomorrow.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

YouTube Grants Us A User Friendly URL


youtube channel

We are happy to announce that the “great gods” at Google “heaven” in Mountain View, California have found it appropriate to grant us the right to have a user friendly URL for our What’s Cookin’ With Sham channel.

Unfortunately, the all powerful Google Gods still don’t seem to see fit to allow anyone to create their own user friendly URL and we had to take what they gave us.  It’s a bit on the ugly side, but much more friendly than the string of gobbly gook they issued before.

We don’t understand why YouTube requires you to meet conditions to get a URL anyone could remember, but we have met them all.  We also don’t understand why they won’t let us choose one that is of our own choice, but what we have is now much easier to remember.

So the good news is, you can now find us on YouTube at

Just why the Google Gods couldn’t allow us to skip the /c/ and use WhatsCookinWithSham which is the name of the show is something we would only be able to understand if we too were a machine in charge of monitoring the activities of  the world… but we do think this one is a bit easier for humans to remember!

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Watch What Happens When Sham’s Mom Teaches Him to Cook


What's Cookin' With Sham

Sham Ibrahim gets a bit mischievous when his mom teaches him how to make Salwa’s Special Peas, the family’s personal recipe.

This is a rather personal episode.  The guards are let down and Sham and his mother, Salwa, interact as they do in life.

Watch the episode right here this Tuesday, September 19th to find out what happens!  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you never miss an episode!

That Fiery Palm Springs Sunset

cooking show

Sunset in Palm Springs

We took a break during a long day of taping episodes of What’s Cookin’ With Sham and saw that while we were inside cooking up some magic, Mother Nature was doing the same outdoors.

Palm Springs California has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.  Anyway, we wanted to share this with you.