The Coconut Episode


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Don’t miss this decidedly different episode!  Sham Ibrahim takes us behind the scenes on a movie set and shows us just how a girl and her “girls” keep their nutrition up in a fast paced environment.

Be sure to watch it tomorrow right here on and stay tuned for more BTW clips from this set and updates on the soon to be released movie!


Phoebe’s Concoction


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Be sure to tune in this Tuesday, January 9th when actress Phoebe Price returns to the kitchen with Sham Ibrahim to show us how she makes Ice Cream Croissants with Blackberry Jam.

She says it is a French recipe that came from the French Quarter of Alabama. We didn’t know Alabama had a French Quarter but Phoebe says it does!

We think it was inspired by a sweet tooth attack in the middle of the night. But no matter.  Sham says it’s delicious.

Try it and let us know what you think.  And be sure to watch it this coming Tuesday!

Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year to all of our fans and friends from What’s Cookin’ With Sham!

Please join us for our episode tomorrow when The Hood Bar and Pizza in Palm Springs teaches us how to make their signature cocktail, a Passion Fruit Mimosa.

Our special thanks to all of you for a wonderful 2017 sharing recipes, fun and celebrities with you.

May your 2018 be the year in which all your dreams come true!

A Special Christmas Episode From Sham Ibrahim!


Sham Ibrahim

Be sure to watch tomorrow when we air our special Christmas episode of What’s Cookin’ With Sham where Sham Ibrahim shares a talent with the world you have never seen before!

Producers note: I have worked with Sham for a couple of years and did not know that my associate and friend was capable of not just playing the piano, but of composing a work on a par with some of the greats at the age of 12 years old.  There is a lot more to Sham, the pop artist, the reality TV show star and the actor than you have ever seen and I plan to bring you a special show soon showing you the sides of Sham you have never seen before.  Be sure to watch for it.

Meanwhile, please enjoy our Christmas gift to you tomorrow, right here on What’s Cookin’ With Sham.

Watch What’s Cookin’ With Sham At Twice The Size!


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Okay, so we love having all of our subscribers on our YouTube Cooking Channel, but did you know that you can see our episodes at over twice the size if you watch them right here on What’s Cookin’ With Sham?

We designed our site to give our audience the maximum viewing experience that can be obtained on the web.  YouTube doesn’t much care about that.  (in fact we’re not sure YouTube cares about anything other than YouTube).

We do like having our episodes up on YouTube, and we love that so many can and have subscribed on YouTube, but hop on over to our site and check out how great we are when you go BIG.

Thank you all for following us.  We love you.  Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year.

Sham’s Holiday Yams Recipe


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Join us tomorrow when Sham Ibrahim shows us how to cook his family’s own Holiday Yams recipe.

And from all of us here at What’s Cookin’ With Sham, we wish you a Merry Christmas filled with great foods, desserts, sweets, maybe a little too much alcohol (but don’t drive if you do) and LOTS of fun with family and friends.

Our thanks to you for helping us make What’s Cookin With Sham one of the most popular cooking channels on YouTube

Sham’s Cranberry Sauce Recipe

cranberry sauce

Sham Ibrahim’s Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Be sure to join us Tue Dec 5th when Sham Ibrahim, as Mrs. Santa Claus, teaches us how to make his homemade cranberry sauce.

We are bringing you Christmas recipes and Holiday themed episodes all month  So please stay tuned!

How to Make a Sham-Wich


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Be sure to tune in tomorrow when Sham Ibrahim teaches you a delicious way to use up your turkey leftovers.

This delicious appetizer or snack was a big hit with the entire crew!  We will post the recipe soon so you can cook it yourself!

What’s Cookin’ With Sham Published in InTouch Weekly


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A big Thank You to In Touch Weekly Magazine for mentioning our episode of What’s Cookin’ With Sham featuring Janice Dickinson in this week’s print edition.  We appreciate you.

And be sure to tune in this Tuesday when we bring Janice Dickinson back for an episode on How to Cook Up a Look.

Don’t Miss Phoebe’s Tomatoes Tue Nov 7th


Sham Ibrahim

Phoebe Price returns to teach Sham Ibrahim how to make a tomato sandwich. And yeah, Sham had never heard of a tomato sandwich before filming this zany episode.

With a special appearance by Alby Carreno, celebrity makeup artist.

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