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Bye Bye YouTube

We are both sad and excited to make this announcement.  What’s Cookin’ With Sham is leaving YouTube.  We have started moving our content to DailyMotion.

Here’s why:

Over the last six months, YouTube has been becoming increasingly “hostile” toward content creators.  At first they were de-monetizing videos (i.e. refusing to allow ads to be run on them) videos based on “bots” – that’s computer algorithms, not people – determining they were not suited for advertisers.  And they didn’t bother to tell anyone they had done so, leaving content creators to wonder why their income was falling.

This drew considerable heat and finally they fessed up and started becoming transparent about what videos they were not allowing to show ads.  We found several of our videos had been de-monitized.  We noticed too this would happen as soon as the video uploaded.  Their bots would scan it and if it contained “bad words” or a girl in a bikini top, or such it would be de-monitized.

We considered being careful to never say the “F” word, or to tell Diana she couldn’t wear bikinis to cook any more but decided we would rather take the monetary penalization.  To change it to suit the google bot would have killed the personality of the show.

Then YouTube dropped the big bomb. Unlike other video hosting platforms, YouTube makes creators jump through a number of hoops to become qualified to show ads and earn revenue.  We met all those requirements. Last week they announced they were changing the game and would only be allowing the content producers with the largest followings to show ads.  Without warning, they changed the game and cut 90% of their content creators off.

Outraged YouTubers have taken to social media with the hashtag #YouTubeSucks and most every media outlet has reported on this unwarranted action.  The story circulating is that Google took this action after the backlash resulting from an inappropriate video by a popular YouTuber, Logan Paul as a means of preventing similar occurrences.

I”m sorry folks, this is a lie.

None of this adds up right.  Under the current new policy, a channel has to have over 1000 subscribers and 4000 minutes watch time each year to show ads.  This will supposedly prevent similar videos to the one Logan Paul posted of having discovered a body hanging in a forest famous for suicides from being posted, or from having ads shown against is, thus upsetting and losing advertisers.

The problem with that logic is that Logan Paul has over 16 million subscribers.  Their new policy would not have stopped him from uploading that video or YouTube from running ads against it.  Like HELLO already.  Oh, and isn’t that something Google’s bot was suppose to catch?  Another problem with this is not only did YouTube’s bot miss  the “controversial” content, YouTube showed it as one of their featured videos.  When all was said and done, Logan Paul took down that video, his remaining content is still up and still showing ads.  And all content creators with less than 1000 subscribers, the vast majority, were penalized.

Makes sense to me….  yeah, right.

We believe the real reason is this.  YouTube entered a world where publications PAID content creators for their work in order to have a publication that they could sell advertising against.  They simply offered small, amateur content creators a way to share their work with the world and sell advertising against the content they paid nothing to create.  As the service grew it attracted more professional creators due to the audience, yet unlike in the previous publication model they were no longer paid for their work.

YouTube took it even further and prohibited content creators from showing videos in which we embedded pre-roll, mid-roll or end-roll advertisements or product endorsements in our videos.  In other words if anyone was going to make money on YouTube, google had to be cut in.

Google has re-invested the money they have earned from the small and mid sized content producers to create their own production studio and launch a paid subscriber video streaming service competing head on with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.  And they repaid us all by cutting us off from any income and most likely pushing our content into the invisible background beneath their own new services.

At first we were pissed.  But then we started to upload our content to DailyMotion.  As the producer, I was shocked to see how much more friendly the environment was.  No silly rules.  No hoops to jump through.  And much more visibility.

We will leave the content we have up on YouTube there for now and we may continue to upload new episodes to you tube for the sake of our existing subscribers, but we will be asking them all to move to our DailyMotion Channel with each episode.

Our Episode tomorrow will be launched on Daily Motion.  Please join us there.  And also here on this website.  Any content we create is posted here.

Please bear with us while we pretty up the channel and get our content all moved over.

Happy Halloween from Phoebe and Sham


cooking show

Just a Happy Halloween wish from Sham Ibrahim and one of our former and soon to return guests actress Phoebe Price.

See our cute little Halloween video clip Sham and Phoebe did for you all on our YouTube Channel.

Please enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!