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Current Episode:
Jenna & Angela Teach Sham How to Make
Jenna Juggs Jambalaya

It’s hot in Sham’s Palm Springs kitchen, and they get even hotter for Sham and actress Angela Capri when producer Jenna Urban decides she needs to cool off!

Expect the unexpected and enjoy the hilarious fun when Jenna teaches Sham how to make her Jenna Juggs Jambalaya.

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Find Out What‘s Cookin’ With Sham

What’s more fun than enjoying good food with friends?

It’s Cookin’ with Sham.

Flamboyant, outrageous, and just plain funny, reality TV host, pop artist & Hollywood socialite Sham Ibrahim shows us just how much fun the cooking can be too.

Join us each week as Sham teaches celebrities, recording artists and zany people how to cook, mix drinks…  and sometimes how to dress.  When you are not laughing, you’ll expand your repertoire of great things to cook and where those not to miss events are happening around town.

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